Saturday, September 7, 2013

One week to go in this short round.

So, I started my 7th round with the intention of going the full 45 days. My goal is to lose 30lbs, and then I will actually be at my pre pregnancy weight (11 years ago) and be at my ultimate goal weight.
My husband is feeling fat for some reason. We all eat relatively healthy now and follow a paleo/primal diet when not dropping. I think he's just jealous of how light and awesome one feels while dropping, and he's probably jealous that he see's me losing weight, when he wants to be losing the last 20lbs he has to lose.. Anyway, to appease him, I have agreed to end this round early so we can load and start another round together in mid October. Oh, I know, I'm just no generous.
I hope he appreciates what I'm sacrificing here! My goal for this round will be at least a 10lb loss.
Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

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I update my facebook daily, and always have new recipes. You can also ask me any questions regarding omni or healthy living in general.


So your'e thinking about starting Omni...

In June 2012, I started the drops.
By September 2012, I decided to start selling the products and helping others.

The drops pull 1400-4000 calories a day from your abnormal fat
reserves, this helps you stay energized but not wired, burn fat and keeps your lean muscle; females typically lose 0.5-1 lb a day (men lose 1-2 lbs/days)
There is also a Facebook support group called  "Omni Rocks the world !" For people to give testimonies, advice, ask questions, get recipes and of course, provide moral support.


Omni hcg drops $79 - (you can effectively lose the weight using just the drops, the other products are helpful and recommended.)

Nite lite - $43 (burn calories and tighten loose skin while you sleep)

Omni 4 multivitamin -$53 (without glucosamine if you are allergic to

Charge capsules- $36 (energy and vitality in a bottle) 

These products should last you at least 45 days (the max allowed dropping length) or an entire round (phase1, 2, and 3) which is about 2 1/2 months.

For the first two days you take the drops and eat as much as you can,
the goal is to constantly feel full.
This is phase 1 or loading. This is so the drops can get deep into your system and target your abnormal fat stores.

From day 3 on you eat a very limited diet while taking the drops.
You can have 2 servings of fruit a day. 2 (4 oz) servings of vegetables a day. 
2 (4oz) servings of meat (4oz) a day. You will get literature with the drops that lets you know what food is approved to eat while on the drops.
This is phase 2 or dropping.

After 21 to 45 days (you choose your length of time on the drops)
You can then eat whatever you want except carbs, starch or sugar up to
1500 calories a day for 3 weeks - 6 weeks.
This is phase 3 or maintenance.
 The point is to get your body used to the new you so you don't gain the weight back.

You can choose to end it here and just continue eating healthy or you
can do it all over again depending on how much weight you want to

Typically you lose 0.5-1 lb a day, though this is an average, so some
days can be a 2lb loss, some Can be nothing.
I lost :
38 lbs in 45 days on my first round.
31 lbs in 41 days on my second round
17 lbs in 30 days in my third round.
15 lbs in 30 days in my fourth round.
10 lbs in 21 days in my fifth round.
10 lbs in 25 days in my sixth round.
There are no side effects, and it doesn't change how you feel or your personality.

I Never really felt hungry (except for out of boredom) and it Stopped all my cravings for junk food and I still have a good energy level. I have a very active job and a toddler, so if I can keep going, you can too!
Again, I highly recommend the Facebook page "Omni Rocks the world"

Any questions, concerns, advice, ect, just contact me or ask the community on the Facebook page.
Hope this helps.
Ask me anything!
My site link is :

My distributor number 66249

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Starting round 7- may be my final round!!

I have successfully lost 120lbs in under a year with omnitrition. I took the summer off from losing weight, so I could basically drink beer at the river. I have maintained my 120lb weight loss. Today I started round 7 of my journey. I have 30lbs to go till I am at my goal weight-- my pre pregnancy weight over 10 years ago. Very excited with my results and I know for a fact I will find success with this round. I am happy omni came into my life. Feel free to ask me anything, I sell omni now and am a wealth of knowledge on the protocol. Distributor #66249

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Update on my progress

It was brought to my attention that I have not updated this blog in a while, though I already knew I was failing at this blog thing, I will try harder to check in.
I started Omnitrition hcg drops (along with their other amazing products like nite lite and omni 4) on June 3rd 2012. June 3rd is my husband an mothers birthday, so that was perfect for me to load and I knew I would never forget my start date if I chose an important day.
Today is May 9th, 2013, I am 9 days into my 6th round of omni hcg drops and have lost 117lbs (not counting loading weight, which would make my loss more like 160lbs)
I have about 30lbs to go till by goal weight and I can't believe I did it.
I tried, and I  was diligent, every diet or suppliment under the sun for the 8 years that I was morbidly obese and nothing worked.
Omni works.
Now omni is not a miracle, you have to work too, but I always gave 100% to  all the fad diets only for them to fail me. If you try you can not fail. distributor #66249

Friday, October 19, 2012

New favorite blog recommendation --

Great blog for recipes and information about the hcg protocol.
Some information can vary from the Omnitrition information, but when in doubt always follow omni rules!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The loading is the hardest part

I have a hard time believing it myself, but loading is the worst part of this diet.
This is my third round, and this time around I had a list of everything I wanted.
I was so excited to try new things, savor old favorites and basically just pig out. Then one pumpkin walnut muffin into loading breakfast day 1, I was already over it!
I made it out alive though, and I must have done something right because I'm  up 5 lbs Loading has officially ended for me and the next load for me is Christmas eve and Christmas day.  So until then I'll be happy with my clean eating!